Sunday, 25 July 2010

Skinned UI in the works

It's something that I wanted to have in amsynth since the very beginning, so I'm pleased to finally be able to show you a new skinned user interface that is nearing completion.

I hope you'll agree it's much more attractive than the currently released version:

If you're interested in playing with the new UI, grab the source code from SVN:

svn co

It's not quite ready for release yet - it will only run if executed from the top-level directory of the source tree, because it looks for the '' file in the current working directory.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

amsynth 1.2.3 released

Download amSynth 1.2.3 (source code)

Bugs Fixed:

  • [2820935] hanging on exit
  • [2986164] build fails with GCC 4.5
  • [2988697] 'Virtual Keyboard' menu item doesn't gray out as expected
  • [2993107] presets loaded incorrectly on some non-english systems
Sound generation improvements:
  • Reduced amount of audible aliasing on saw tooth waveforms
  • Improved performance of noise waveform generator
  • Clamped maximum allowed pulsewidth on square / pulse waveform generator to prevent silence
  • Tweaked default for master_vol to a value that doesn't produce harmonic distortion
Other Changes:
  • New factory preset - 'Dirty Pulsating Bass'
  • Added a preset modification indicator to title bar ('*')
  • Executable is no longer installed with suid enabled. for good low-latency performance please use the JACK audio system. Old behaviour can be re-enabled with ./configure --enable-realtime
  • Fixed compilation errors on various platforms caused by missing #include statements
  • Cleaned up compiler warnings
  • Other internal code improvements

A big thank you to everyone who tried out and gave feedback on the code in subversion :-) Couldn't have tracked down and fixed that preset-loading bug without your help!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

amsynth 1.2.2 released

Download amSynth 1.2.2 (source code)

Changes in this release:

  • Fixed more missing headers with different compiler versions & build configurations
  • Fixed compatibility issues with jackdmp
  • Better reporting of errors starting audio subsystem - the GUI new reports the error and opens the configuration dialog
  • Updated about dialog with list of contributors

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

amsynth 1.2.1 released

Download amSynth 1.2.1 (source code)

The project is not quite dead or orphaned! ;-)

Changes in this release:

  • fixed compilation errors on Linux/GCC-4.3.2
  • fixed a buffer overflow crash, which prevented running on recent ubuntu versions